1. The Grass Doesn’t Have to be Greener on the Other Side

    While the saying may be “the grass is always greener on the other side,” it sure doesn’t have to be! We’ve pulled together the basics for growing healthy grass so you can improve the quality of your lawn and not be envious of your neighbors. After all, nice grass is healthy grass. And by learning how to care for your grass, you’ll be able to avoid falling for the misconceptions and myths…Read More

  2. Problems with Tree Roots and How to Deal with Them

    Tree roots can be a major headache for homeowners, and sometimes by the time the roots are visible, it can be too late to fix the situation. Think about how strong tree roots are in the first place. They must be capable of supporting a large tree, so they are incredibly strong and can span over a wide area. If you notice that there are tree roots causing problems in your yard, it’s best to call …Read More

  3. Are Those Leaf Spots on my Plants?

    Are Those Leaf Spots on My Plants? No one likes to see leaf spots on their plants, but they are typically minor stresses that will not affect the overall health of the tree. Some leaf spot diseases can cause the plant to lose its leaves, but as long as the plant is healthy, it should grow back new leaves. Leaf spots are mostly caused by fungus, but sometimes, they can be caused by bacteria, which …Read More