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Removal-crane-225x300At Growing Earth, we specialize in knowing when and how to remove your unwanted trees. The most common reasons for tree removal include death and decay and other structural and/or health issues that make it too dangerous to leave a tree in its place.

If your tree is no longer strong and safe to have around your business or home, we highly recommend removing your tree as soon as possible. Don’t wait! The longer a large tree has been dead, the more dangerous it becomes for removal. Also keep in mind if a tree becomes too hazardous for an arborist to climb, different procedures may be necessary. It is in your best interest to take control of the situation and have a certified arborist remove your damaged trees.The last thing we want is for you, your family, and your guests to be put in harm’s way.

Also note, large trees are usually taken down in smaller sections to avoid damaging nearby trees or property. The certified arborist will first remove canopy branching and will then take down the trunk in manageable portions. Branches are chipped directly into trucks and can be hauled away or left on-site.

As a community service, Growing Earth delivers free truckloads of wood chip mulch. Tree limbs removed from dead, decaying, and damaged trees and stump grinding make excellent sources for mulch that can be spread in a thin layer over the root systems of your remaining trees. Standard cleanup also includes cutting the trunk into firewood length and leaving it on site, or we can haul it away for you!

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