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HOA & Commercial Property Tree Inventory

Growing Earth offers commercial tree inventory services for homeowner’s associations and commercial properties in Northern Virginia. For more information, contact us today at (703) 818-8228 or request an estimate.

HOA Tree Inventory Cataloging

Growing Earth arborists use GPS pinning technology to create an aerial view of your grounds that visually pins the location of trees on the property. Each tree (within specifications) is visually checked by our certified arborist and cataloged so that your HOA has an itemized inventory of trees on your grounds.

Depending on the reason for the assessment, our arborists can use the information we gather to create a customized plan of action to create effective solutions for helping you maintain the health and safety of your trees.

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Our Tree Inventory Service Includes:

  • Tree care recommendations
  • Building and construction site planning
  • Tree conservation
  • Identifying high risk trees within the scope of visual inspection outlined from the ground
  • Management of trees in public places
  • Tree health

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Tree Health

Our specialist tree inventory team has years of experience in commercial property tree management and will recommend solutions that our clients use to keep their trees in prime healthy condition and control pest infestations.

It is recommended that the inventory be updated regularly to ensure the continued health of your trees. Different options are available to our clients depending on how often they would require visits from our team.

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How Often Should a Tree Inventory be Completed?

As trees are living organisms, it is recommended that the arborist updates the inventory on an annual basis in an attempt to stay ahead of changes that need to be addressed.

Tree Care Around You

If you are located in Northern Virginia and looking for a tree inventory for your HOA or commercial property, contact us today at (703) 818-8228 or request an estimate.

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