1. The Many Benefits of Composting

    As people who love trees, plants and the great outdoors we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to care for our planet AND give our plants the best! Do you want to reduce waste and improve your garden? Well, composting is an excellent way to recycle organic matter that can be used as a soil amendment or fertilizer. We know that in some areas, the soil is poor to average. One reason tha…Read More

  2. The Grass Doesn’t Have to be Greener on the Other Side

    While the saying may be “the grass is always greener on the other side,” it sure doesn’t have to be! We’ve pulled together the basics for growing healthy grass so you can improve the quality of your lawn and not be envious of your neighbors. After all, nice grass is healthy grass. And by learning how to care for your grass, you’ll be able to avoid falling for the misconceptions and myths…Read More

  3. Enjoy the Outdoors: Tips for Mosquito Control

    It may seem like there is a simple solution to avoid having mosquitoes in your backyard: don’t have standing water anywhere in your yard or around your house. But let's examine a more well-rounded and integrated approach to mosquito and pest control. Remove Mosquito Habitats This step is key to an integrated mosquito control strategy. You simply can’t have any areas in your home or yard that m…Read More

  4. The Value in Hiring an Arborist

    Before you can hire an arborist, it is important to understand what one is. An arborist is a highly skilled tree surgeon. They specialize in pruning, tree removal, disease and pest control, and emergency storm damage and care. They have expertise in the needs of trees, which allows them to ensure the tree’s health and natural beauty. Why Hire an Arborist? Hiring an arborist helps to produce attr…Read More

  5. Spring Tree Planting Guide

    Although spring is a great time to plant trees, winter is the perfect time to start planning your spring tree plantings. An important place to start is deciding where you want to plant your trees and choosing the right species. This ensures that when spring arrives, you’ll be ready. If you fail to plan for the upcoming planting season, you may face some problems. Any good planter knows early spr…Read More

  6. Mosquito Control And Your Yard: What Works

    Mosquitoes and other pests can be a painful nuisance at the best of times, and a serious health issue at the worst of times (i.e. West Nile Virus). Either way, mosquito control requires proper care and attention for your yard, trees, and life in general. Here are some practical tips about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to mosquito prevention and other pest control solutions in the Lou…Read More

  7. Five Winter Trimming & Pruning Mistakes That Are Harming Your Trees

    It’s January here in Ashburn, and the entire East coast of the United States was just treated with its first proper snowstorm of the year. Although the snow may be lying thick in roads and on lawns right now, it’s likely that just a day or two of warmer weather will erase it all...until the next time! You may think that all this snowfall means that tree care and maintenance experts like the te…Read More

  8. Get the Facts on Winter Tree Care

    If the trees in your yard have been established for a few years, you may think that they don’t need any special winter tree care. After all, you don’t see anyone giving trees in the forest any special treatment during the winter, and they survive just fine, right? Well, believe it or not, the trees in the forest and the trees in your yard must endure very different circumstances. For example, …Read More

  9. Making the Most of Your Outdoor Holiday Lights

    At Growing Earth Tree Care, we have your homestead’s needs in mind. With the season’s change comes holidays. And with holidays come traditions. One of our favorite traditions is seeing Christmas lights adorning the homes of our local communities including Vienna, Springfield, Reston, McLean, Great Falls, Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, and more. We are proud to be Northe…Read More

  10. How To Get Your Trees Ready For Winter

    We are quickly headed toward the holidays which means that winter weather will soon be winging its way toward us here in the Ashburn area. While Virginia tends to enjoy relatively mild winters in comparison with some parts of the country, many experts are predicting that this year will be even more full of precipitation than usual! As your tree care and maintenance experts in Ashburn, we’re here…Read More