Tree Removal & Tree Pruning in Fairfax County, VA

Healthy trees bring beauty and security to your home. But do the trees on your property fill you with anxiety? You’re not alone. Weighty branches or diseased trees can make you feel a sense of impending doom. At some point, you have to take steps to mitigate the risks. Choose the right Fairfax County tree removal and tree pruning company to care for your trees.

Preserve Your Trees

You’re probably wondering questions like these about tree care:

  • Are tree pruning and tree removal dangerous?
  • Do all tree care companies pressure you into removing your trees?
  • How do I know if a tree care company really cares about saving trees?

Growing Earth Tree Care is the trusted name in tree care in Fairfax County. You can trust us to help you preserve your beautiful trees for as long as possible. Our certified arborists will help you make wise decisions about tree removal and tree pruning. Get a free quote for tree services in Fairfax County, VA!

Growing Earth Tree Care – Tree Care Services for Over 40 Years

A bucket truck pulls up to your house. You walk out to see what’s going on. A guy steps out of the truck and says, “It looks like you need some trees taken down.” If you have trees surrounding your home, you’ve probably been in this situation before. Is this guy trying to pressure you into removing trees from your property to make a quick buck? Or is your home truly at risk?

You can trust recommendations from Growing Earth Tree Care. We want to build lasting relationships with customers like you by helping you care for the trees on your property for years to come. It’s a beautiful thing to see healthy trees last for generations. Our arborists will only recommend taking down a tree when there is a real need to do so.

Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Options in Fairfax County, VA

Growing Earth Tree Care certified arborists and staff are trained in all the latest tree care methods to help your trees thrive. We are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and we’re also accredited by The Tree Care Industry Association.

Healthy Trees

Trees need regular pruning to thrive. Nutrients can be wasted on dying branches. It’s important to heal or remove sick trees to protect others.

Secure Homes

Dying and low-hanging branches can be a major threat to your home and the people on your property. We’ll develop a pruning or removal plan to keep you safe.

Neater Properties

Tree pruning reduces leaf litter and the time you spend raking. Quit all that unnecessary leaf collection and get back to enjoying your weekends.

Increase Values

Raise your home’s curb appeal by pruning out-of-control tree growth. Dead branches and dead trees on your property will worry interested buyers.

Tree and Stump Removal in Loudoun County VA and Nearby Areas

Expert Services. Fair Prices. Beautiful Trees.

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Quality Tree Removal & Tree Pruning in Fairfax County, VA

Growing Earth Tree Care has provided tree removal and tree pruning for over four decades. Our fully insured, certified team wants to help you preserve your trees whenever possible. Here are some 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Quote for Tree Removal & Tree Pruning in Fairfax County, VA

Improve the appearance of your trees, your property, and your home! Our certified arborists can help with your tree removal and tree pruning needs. Growing Earth Tree Care will always give you an honest assessment. Learn how you can help the trees on your property thrive again! Call us at (703) 818-8228 or get a free quote for tree services online.

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