Tree Removal & Tree Pruning in Prince William County, VA

Trees can add wonderful beauty to your home. But they can also pose risks. Hanging tree limbs can cause roof damage. Diseased trees can threaten healthy trees. If your trees are out of control, you might need tree removal and tree pruning at your Prince William County property.

Preserve Your Trees

You’re probably asking yourself questions like these:

  • Will my home be safe if tree removal is necessary?
  • Will I be pressured into tree removal instead of pruning?
  • Does the tree care company really care about my trees and my property?

Trust Growing Earth Tree Care to service your trees. We’ll help keep your trees beautiful and protected. We’ll also help you make informed decisions about tree pruning and tree removal when it’s time. Get a free estimate for tree services in Prince William County, VA!

Growing Earth Tree Care – Tree Removal & Tree Pruning for Over Four Decades

Growing Earth Tree Care has been pruning and removing trees in Prince William County and greater DC for over 40 years. Trust us to keep your property safe. You don’t have to worry about the safety of tree removal or tree pruning on your property when you choose Growing Earth Tree Care.

We know it can be stressful calling a tree care company. You don’t want to hear something like all your trees should be removed. Thriving trees are essential to our business. We want to establish a lasting relationship with you by caring for the trees on your property for generations.

Expert Tree Removal & Tree Pruning in Prince William County, VA

Growing Earth Tree Care can help with all your tree care needs. We’re certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and we’ve been accredited by The Tree Care Industry Association. Our arborists and staff know all the best methods for tree care and will help your trees to thrive.

Healthier Trees

Pruning helps to improve the health of your trees. Trees will waste precious nutrients on dying branches. Keep your healthy trees safe by removing diseased trees.

Protected Home

Falling tree branches can be a serious threat. Let us inspect your trees and create a pruning or removal plan to keep your home protected.

Reduced Leaves

Tree pruning reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning up fallen leaves. Spend more time with your family instead of raking.

Higher Property Value

Increase your home’s curb appeal by pruning wild tree branches. Removing dead branches and dead trees will put wary buyers at ease.

Tree and Stump Removal in Loudoun County VA and Nearby Areas

Expert Services. Fair Prices. Beautiful Trees.

Free Estimate

Prince William County’s Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Professionals

Growing Earth Tree Care has provided quality tree removal and tree pruning services for over four decades. We are fully insured and our team includes fully-certified arborists who want to help you preserve your trees whenever possible.

Free Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Estimates in Prince William County, VA

Let Growing Earth Tree Care help you improve the appearance of your trees, property, and home. Our certified arborists are ready to handle all your tree removal and tree pruning needs. Contact us for a free estimate for tree services or call (703) 818-8228 to talk with our certified tree experts today.

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