Tree Removal & Tree Pruning in Purcellville, VA

Are the trees on your property starting to feel like a looming threat to your home? Those trees you’ve fallen in love with eventually become overgrown or diseased, or ridden with pests. You must take steps to eliminate the risks to your property.

Preserve Your Trees

You’re probably asking yourself questions like these:

  • Are tree pruning and removal dangerous?
  • Will I be pressured into removing my trees?
  • How do I know if a tree care company cares about my trees?

Growing Earth Tree Care is the trusted name in tree care in Purcellville. Let us preserve your beautiful trees. Our certified arborists will help you make informed decisions about tree removal and tree pruning. Get a free estimate for tree services in Purcellville, VA!

Growing Earth Tree Care: Tree Removal & Tree Pruning for Over Four Decades

Many homeowners are worried that “tree care” companies will pressure them into removing beautiful trees from their properties to make a quick buck. Growing Earth Tree Care isn’t that kind of company. We’ve spent over 40 years helping homeowners keep their trees. But yes, sometimes trees need to be removed for the safety of your property and other trees.

At Growing Earth Tree Care, we hope to build lasting relationships with our customers and care for the trees on your property for decades. We love to see beautiful, healthy trees provide shade and security for generations. Our arborists won’t recommend that you should take down a tree unless there is a real reason to do so.

Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Services in Purcellville, VA

Our certified arborists and staff are trained in all kinds of tree care methods to help your trees survive and thrive. Growing Earth Tree Caree is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and is accredited by The Tree Care Industry Association.

Strong, Healthy Trees

Trees need regular pruning to grow strong. Precious nutrients can be wasted on dying branches, robbing the integrity of other parts of the tree.

Secure, Safe Homes

Dying or dead tree branches are a major threat to your home and the people on your property. Growing Earth will come up with a pruning plan to keep you safe.

Tidier, Cleaner Properties

Tree pruning cuts down on the amount of leaf litter and the time you spend raking and picking up fallen branches. Quit all that unnecessary work on the weekend.

Boosted Curb Appeal

Increase your home’s value by cutting out all the uncontrolled tree growth. Dead branches and dead trees can chase out potential buyers.

Tree and Stump Removal in Loudoun County VA and Nearby Areas

Expert Services. Fair Prices. Beautiful Trees.

Free Estimate

Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Experts in Purcellville, VA

Growing Earth Tree Care has provided tree removal and tree pruning services for over 40 years. Our fully insured, certified team wants to help you preserve your trees whenever possible. Hear what some of our happy customers have said.

Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Quotes in Purcellville, VA

Are you concerned with the health of your trees? It’s time to let our certified arborists help with tree removal and tree pruning around your home. Growing Earth Tree Care promises to give you an honest assessment of the state of your trees. Help the trees on your property thrive again! Call us for a free estimate for tree services at (703) 818-8228

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