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Things You’ll Find In An Arborist’s Toolbox

thin-banner_arbor In a previous blog post we discussed what exactly it is that tree surgeons do to keep your trees healthy and thriving here in Ashburn. We touched on the fact that most tree surgeons are really arborists who specialize in tasks like tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, diagnosis of tree diseases, and tree re-planting. Today we’d like to provide you with more info on what it’s like to work as a tree health and wellness professional by taking a peek inside one of our arborists toolboxes. Access to very specific and complicated equipment is one of the reasons it’s so important to call an arborist any time you need serious maintenance performed on your trees. Keep reading to learn about some of the interesting tools that we use on a daily basis.

Tools Arborists Use To Take Care Of Your Trees

  • Rope Wrench – As you’ve probably guessed by now, arborists spend a lot of time in trees. We must climb up trees to give them a thorough inspection and to access branches that must be removed because of health or safety issues. In order to ascend a tree, many arborists use a rope wrench. This is a device that allows the arborist to move up and down the tree on only a single rope. The device works by using leverage to force the rope into an S shape which provides the friction necessary for a controlled descent.
  • Throw Line – Have you ever wondered how arborists get their ropes up into the top branches of a very tall tree in the first place? The answer is a clever little tool called a throw line. “This technique is used to insert a thin line over a high branch within the canopy of a tree. A climbing rope can then be tied to the throw line and be pulled up into the canopy over the limb and back down to the ground so the climber can ascend the tree,” explains Climbing Arborist on YouTube.
  • Foot Ascender – Once the arborist has used the throw line to position their rope in the top branches of a tree, it’s time to prepare for the ascent. Although the rope wrench is helpful, many arborists also use foot ascenders. These devices fit onto the arborist’s boot with a cam through which the rope runs. Foot ascenders make it possible for the arborist to slide up the rope, then lock the cam so they can stand straight up with all their weight on the rope for the next pull. Bet you wish you had one of those in gym class!

Contact Growing Earth For More Info About How Arborists Benefit Your Trees

If the life of a certified arborist seems interesting to you but you’re not too keen to start climbing trees yourself, simply call the pros at Growing Earth. Our certified arborists will be happy to come out and provide a FREE estimate for tree trimming or maintenance. We’ll even let you peek in our tool box, too!