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Commercial Tree Service Arlington VA

At Growing Earth Tree Care we are proud to serve Arlington National Cemetery with their commercial tree care needs. On this project we helped preserve some of the oldest trees in Arlington from lightning destruction.

What type of tree service did we complete at Arlington National Cemetery?

The type of tree service work we did at the cemetery was installing lightning protection in several of the largest and oldest trees through out the property. The uniqueness of working at the cemetery is knowing who is buried there. This is hallowed ground, our country’s hero’s dating back to our inception are there. You can’t help but be in awe when being there and helping to preserve history.

Commercial Tree Pruning in Arlington VA

What are lightning rods “blunt tips” for trees?

Lightning rods are no longer used in trees. At Growing Earth Tree Care, we use what are called “blunt tips”, they are installed at the top of the tree within 3-4 feet from the ends of the tops. They are important because they draw in a lightning bolt to the lightning protection system instead of striking the tree itself.

Arlington VA Commercial Tree Care

How often should commercial tree pruning be completed?

Large trees in areas that have civilian traffic such as Arlington National Cemetery, should be inspected annually to determine if pruning is necessary.

Benefits of regular tree pruning:

  • Improve the overall health of your trees by having deadwood removed
  • Protect your home or property by reducing the risk of hazardous falling branches
  • Limit leaf litter in gutters and damage to your home with regular pruning and trimming
  • Improve the overall appearance of your property

What type of trees do they have on the property at Arlington National Cemetery?

There are a number of different species on the property. The larger older trees tend to be white oaks, red oaks, maple and tulip trees. These type of trees are common to Arlington VA and Northern Virginia as a whole.

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