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Emergency Tree Removal McLean Virginia

Tree Removal Falls Church, VA

At Growing Earth Tree Care, we have been providing emergency tree removal services and tree pruning services in Northern VA since 1976. With the recent storms, tree removal is a common request from our clients, this emergency tree removal was in a community in McLean VA.

This tree was completely uprooted and fell over due to a combination of rain saturating the soil, years of over-mulching causing girdling roots, and high winds from recent storms. When storms or high winds happen these type of emergency tree removals are very common in Northern Virginia.

This tree removal was at a community in McLean Virginia, the trees in this community were approximately 25-30 years old. The adjacent trees were a mix of several different trees that were likely planted when the community was developed.

Tree Removal Falls Church, VA

To remove this tree, we used a small crane to lift the sections of tree up off of the cars to prevent further damage. When completing an emergency tree removal, it is important to do everything we can to work quickly and efficiently to not cause more damage, but also clean up in a timely manner.

“If you need an arborist these are the guys to call. We have used them several times to take down dead or dying large oak trees right next to the house. They brought in a crane and did an outstanding job of removing the trees without any damage to our house or yard!”

Tips to Prevent Emergency Tree Removal in Northern VA

Tree Removal Falls Church, VA

This may have possibly been prevented with better maintenance procedures such as not over mulching year after year. Over mulching is a common problem that causes issues such as tree pests and lack of root strength. Lack of root strength leads to mature trees easily being uprooted when a storm with high winds come through.

Another way to prevent emergency tree removal is to have your HOA tree policy up to date and to have a tree inventory complete to ensure all of your trees are healthy and being cared for properly.

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