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Tree Removal Falls Church, VA

We recently had a tree removal project at a residence in Falls Church, VA where a tree had fallen due to a storm and was being held up by neighboring trees. Here is the customers experience working with our team from start to finish of this tree removal:

“We had an emergency need to remove a Black Walnut tree originating on neighboring parkland that had been uprooted by a storm and fallen on our chain link fence, severely damaging it, and lodged itself high up in a neighbor’s Red Maple. Every 12 hours it seemed to break through another Maple branch and get closer to the ground/rest of the fence.”

What is a black walnut tree?

Tree Removal Falls Church, VA

A black walnut is a tree that is native to the Northern Virginia area. One unique quality of a black walnut is that the root system puts out a substance known as allelopathy. It is a toxin that prevents other plants from growing in its root system. This is why they typically will be growing alone or with other black walnuts.

“The arborist came right out, despite a full load of similar storm-related customers, talked through the options (crane v. no-crane), gave an estimate that was within $100 of what my insurer had predicted, and gave advice on two other big trees that saved us money because he said they do not pose the danger that we’d assumed. Next morning, the team came in and were obvious professionals. We opted for the no crane option, which we fully expected would result in the loss of the rest of our fence when the pieces would fall from the Maple.”

Crane Vs. No-Crane for tree removal?

The crane versus no crane is not always an either or option. In this case because more damage to the fence and further tree damage was the worst case scenario, we could provide the option. Typically, when we propose using a crane it is because the tree has fallen on a house or something of high value. A crane insures no further damage is done. It also makes the job a lot safer. 

“They were so careful that there was no further damage to the fence nor to the fence line garden. They even pruned my neighbor’s Maple while they were up there. They clearly knew what they were doing, were friendly, efficient and cleaned up beautifully. That level of care saved us more money, too, because the homeowners insurance will only cover about 25 percent of the actual cost of replacing the fence (due to the fence’s age).”

How do we remove a tree after a storm that is halfway fallen over?

Tree Removal Falls Church, VA

In this case, we were able to rig the tree the rest of the way down using ropes and neighboring trees. 

“Since Growing Earth prevented further damage, we now can use the fence reimbursement to pay for a ‘Band-Aid’ to the fence rather than have to pay mostly out of pocket for replacing the whole thing. With two kids in college and another one soon to join them, we appreciated that.”

Whether you have experience an uprooted tree after a storm that needs to be removed, or just annual pruning to keep your trees healthy. Contact us at 703-818-8228 or request an estimate online.