1. Plant it right from the start!

    You can avoid a lot of tree problems down the road by simply selecting the right tree and then planting it correctly.  The landscape is full of trees that were doomed from the start because of either poor selection or poor planting techniques.  Trees can be expensive to buy and even more expensive to deal with unnecessary future health issues. First things first.  Start out by selecting the rig…Read More

  2. Cat Rescue

    Michael Binger, an ISA Certified Arborist with Growing Earth Tree Care, rescued a kitten that was stranded about 70 feet up in a tree.  The kitten jumped into Michael's arms as the climber made his way up to him.  The kitten's owner and various onlookers called him a hero for his efforts.  He found out about the kitten when a friend alerted him to the situation on Facebook. Thousands of cats an…Read More