1. Mature Tree Care | Tips From Your Local Tree Care Experts

    When it comes to tree care, we might be slightly biased, but our rule of thumb is, when in doubt, call in the professional tree care experts. Now, being “in doubt” can look like a lot of different things. But in fairness to our clients, we don’t want you paying for tree care services you could easily perform on your own with just a smidgen of guidance. For instance, taking care of your matur…Read More

  2. The Problem with Topping Trees

    Topping refers to the drastic removal or cutting back of large branches in trees that are fully mature. The top of the tree is hedged like a bush would be, and the main branches are cut to stubs. It is also sometimes called heading, stubbing or dehorning. Even though many people believe that topping is the right thing to do, this is a misguided practice that can have severe consequences for the tr…Read More