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Are Your Trees at Risk During Storms?

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Predicting which Trees are at Risk During Storms During a hurricane or tropical storm, how likely will your trees become damaged? It’s not always easy to predict which trees will fall victim to a storm, but there are factors that can increase the risk. Take a close look at your trees to see how many of the following risk factors …

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When to Fertilize Your Trees

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When Trees Need Fertilizer Are your trees looking a little peaked? They may be lacking nutrients and need fertilizer. Urban soils are often lack the nutrients that are found naturally in the forest, and trees have a harder time absorbing what is there. There are several factors that can lead to this condition: Competition from grass Elimination of natural sources …

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Urban Tree Stress

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Why do urban trees live shorter lives than trees growing in natural settings? Because of urban tree stress. As the name implies, urban tree stress affects trees growing in urban environments where conditions are not necessarily favorable to natural tree growth. Identifying Urban Tree Stress Urban tree stress can be diagnosed by recognizing a number of different symptoms. It is …

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8 Signs of Trouble with Your Trees

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Looking for Signs of Trouble As with people, when problems affect the health of your tree, early detection can often mean the difference between life and death. Signs of trouble with trees are sometimes obvious, but at other times, you may need to make a closer inspection. Because trees are living organisms, you should keep an eye out for these …

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How to Care for Trees at any Life Stage

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The Lifecycle of Trees Trees have various stages of life, just like humans. Each stage has its own requirements to fit the tree’s needs at that point in the life cycle. Knowing how to care for your trees depends on the stage of the tree’s life. Caring for Seedlings A newborn or seedling typically starts out life as a seed …

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Keep Cool This Summer with Trees

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Keep Cool under Trees Who hasn’t sought the cooling shelter of a shade tree on a hot summer day? At my son’s soccer games, whenever there’s a shady tree on the sidelines, parents and other fans find valuable relief and protection from the sweltering heat under its broad branches. Lower your Energy Costs In addition to shade, trees have an …