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Only Preventative Treatment Can Save Your Trees from the Asian Ambrosia Beetle

The Asian Ambrosia Beetle aggressively assaults a wide variety of trees, including: Ash, Beech, Bradford pear, Chinese elm, Crape myrtle, Dogwood, Elm, Golden Rain Tree, Hickory, Holly, Honey Locust, Japanese maple, Japanese snowbell, Linden, Magnolia, Mimosa, Oak, Persimmon
Once the tree has been attacked, it is too late. The only way to protect your trees from the problems caused by this beetle is to take preventative measures. Growing Earth will apply three treatments to a host tree in the early spring, in early to mid-summer, and a final treatment in late summer. Don’t wait, keep your trees safe, because once the beetle has attacked your trees, it will be too late. The evidence of damage is frass coming out of the trunks of infested trees. Fungal staining may also be apparent in the wood near the galleries produced by the beetle. Ambrosia beetles tend to attack trees in large numbers. Two millimeter exit holes can be seen on the trunks. Wilting, dieback and the death of the host tree are the result of infestations. But you can help your trees! Remember the Asian Ambrosia Beetle can only be controlled preventatively with treatment applied prior to an attack. Want to ensure your trees are protected from the beetle? Schedule an appointment today, then we can work together to treat and keep your trees healthy.