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HOA Tree Inventory Reston, VA

HOA Tree Inventory Reston VA

This HOA requested a tree inventory because they were contracting work out peace meal not knowing if they were addressing the more pressing concerns. They were contracting work based on homeowners complaining about their perceived tree issues important to them. Their complaints were largely esthetic and not necessarily of higher priority. The HOA wanted all the trees needing attention listed and prioritized.

What We Found While Performing the HOA Tree Inventory

The trees inventoried in this community varied in age from 10 years to as old as 150 years. They had over 1000 trees that ranged from sugar maple to white ash to other native trees found in Northern Virginia.

Each Tree in this community was listed out on a spreadsheet with a map detailing the specific location and assessed by a certified arborist.

The Solutions Provided After the HOA Tree Inventory

HOA Tree Inventory Reston

We provided solutions for each tree 12 inches in diameter and larger on the entire site. Each tree was measured for trunk diameter, evaluated for the current condition, and any recommended work is listed per tree and given a priority based on when the work should be performed. This helps with budgeting work over the future 3-5 years.

Recommended solutions could be:

Challenges Faced with This Tree Inventory

Tree Inventory Reston

This particular project had unique challenges in that the prior work performed in the last 10 years or so was of very low quality. While the cost may have been lower than the typical cost of hiring a reputable company, the damage done will cost them expedition-ally more in long run. Several large trees will need to be removed because of the extremely poor pruning. Several other trees will develop structural issues also because of poor pruning practices.

Growing Earth HOA Tree Policy [Free Download]

How Often Should a Tree Inventory be Completed?

As trees are living organisms, at Growing Earth we recommend that an arborist evaluates and updates your HOA’s Tree Inventory on an annual basis in an attempt to stay ahead of changes that need to be addressed.

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