1. Have Your Trees Been Attacked by Borers?

    It’s the worst feeling for a homeowner who takes great pride in their landscaping. You notice that your trees are showing signs of decline. They don’t look very healthy, they are growing sporadically and have uneven growth. A closer look shows disturbing signs of beetle-like creatures that have invaded the trees. It’s very possible that your trees have been attacked by borers. Wood-boring in…Read More

  2. Are Those Leaf Spots on my Plants?

    Are Those Leaf Spots on My Plants? No one likes to see leaf spots on their plants, but they are typically minor stresses that will not affect the overall health of the tree. Some leaf spot diseases can cause the plant to lose its leaves, but as long as the plant is healthy, it should grow back new leaves. Leaf spots are mostly caused by fungus, but sometimes, they can be caused by bacteria, which …Read More

  3. Identifying and Controlling Dogwood Anthracnose

    Dogwood (discula) anthracnose is a disease that affects flowering dogwood trees. The disease has been reported in many states across the U.S., primarily those on the east and west coasts. The discula species is the culprit of anthracnose, and it favors damp, cool temperatures. Dogwood anthracnose can occur in any season, and it has a higher likelihood when drought and winter injury weaken the tree…Read More