1. Get the Facts on Winter Tree Care

    If the trees in your yard have been established for a few years, you may think that they don’t need any special winter tree care. After all, you don’t see anyone giving trees in the forest any special treatment during the winter, and they survive just fine, right? Well, believe it or not, the trees in the forest and the trees in your yard must endure very different circumstances. For example, …Read More

  2. Making the Most of Your Outdoor Holiday Lights

    At Growing Earth Tree Care, we have your homestead’s needs in mind. With the season’s change comes holidays. And with holidays come traditions. One of our favorite traditions is seeing Christmas lights adorning the homes of our local communities including Vienna, Springfield, Reston, McLean, Great Falls, Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, and more. We are proud to be Northe…Read More

  3. How To Hang Christmas Lights In Your Yard, Part Two

    In part one of this two-part series, we talked about two things. The first thing we mentioned was that we are Northern Virginia’s top tree care specialists. With over 40 years of experience providing services that include tree stump removals, tree trimming services, tree pest control, and even tree fungus treatment, it’s easy why people in communities like Ashburn, Alexandria,  McLean, Spring…Read More

  4. Fall Tree Care Tips From Growing Earth Tree Care

    Today’s post is dedicated to discussing autumnal tree care tips. As a tree care provider to residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Virginia (and beyond) for over 40 years, we want to set our clients and prospective customers up for success in any way we can. If you are looking for information about where and how to plant trees, how to care for mature trees in particular, and a ho…Read More

  5. Getting Ready For Summer: FAQs Answered | Tree Care In Virginia

    If you find yourself in Northern Virginia or areas like Springfield, Vienna, Reston, McLean, Great Falls, Loudoun, Falls Church, Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, or Ashburn, we want to tell you about our award-winning tree care company, Growing Earth Tree Care. We’ve been part of the North Virginia community, being experienced and knowledgeable tree care specialists, for over forty years now. We …Read More

  6. A Closer Look At Our Tree Care Services

    As the leading arborist, tree trimming, and general tree company within Fairfax and Loudon County and the surrounding areas, it’s no coincidence that we have been accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association and are recommended by Angie’s List members for our many services that include tree cutting, stump removal, tree fungus treatment, and even emergency tree removal. Since 1976 we have b…Read More

  7. Tips for Spring Tree Planting

    Why is spring a good time to plant trees? Although spring is a great time to plant trees, winter is a great time to start planning your spring tree plantings. It is important that you decide the locations you want to plant your trees (http://www.growingearth.com/planting-the-right-tree-in-the-right-location/). This ensures that when spring arrives, you'll be ready. If you fail to plan for the upco…Read More

  8. Should You Hire An Arborist?

    Before you can hire an arborist, it is important to understand what one is. An arborist is a highly skilled tree surgeon. They specialize in pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree treatment. They have expertise in the needs of trees, which allows them to ensure the tree’s health and natural beauty. Why Hire an Arborist? Hiring an arborist helps to produce attractive and well-cared for trees. …Read More

  9. Making Structurally Weak Trees Less Likely to Fail

    There are a number of different reasons why a tree may be structurally weak. One of the most common reasons is that the tree has co-dominant trunks. This is when a single base is supporting two large trunks. If the two trunks grow away from each other and form a U-shaped union, the tree may still be very stable. However, if the trunks grow close together and into each other, forming a V-shaped uni…Read More

  10. Winter Tree Pruning Tips

    As the temperatures have dropped during the winter months, you’ve no doubt been spending less and less time outside. You’ve certainly not been doing any gardening, and you’re probably not thinking much about your trees, either. However, though you may want to hibernate all winter, if you want your trees to be healthy and strong this spring, you’re going to need to do a little bit of care a…Read More