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The Best Way to Mulch Your Trees

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Mulch is great for your trees. It helps to retain moisture in the soil and regulates soil temperature, keeping roots at the proper temperature throughout the year. Mulch also reduces damage to roots and trunks from lawn mowers and weed whackers. These devices often cut through the bark into the tree’s vascular system, disrupting the flow of water and nutrients. …

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Why do you need to have a tree inventory of your property? Consider these benefits that will save you time and money in the long-term. 1. Reduced liability: Knowing the health and structural condition of the trees on a property helps to identify problem trees. Recommendations are included with the inventory that will help reduce owner liability and bring awareness …

A Closer Look At Our Tree Care Services

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As the leading arborist, tree trimming, and general tree company within Fairfax and Loudon County and the surrounding areas, it’s no coincidence that we have been accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association and are recommended by Angie’s List members for our many services that include tree cutting, stump removal, tree fungus treatment, and even emergency tree removal. Since 1976 …

Your Home And Tips For Mosquito Control

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In one of our previous posts, we discussed some techniques for the prevention of a mosquito problem in your yard or homestead. Many of them pointed to the same principle: don’t have standing water anywhere in your yard or around your house. In today’s post, we will move beyond simple prevention of the issue, and move into a more well-rounded …

Common Garden Pests Found in the Fall

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Fall is the time of the year when gardeners can breathe a little more. Plants need less irrigation, temperatures are not as hot and many pests have completed the plant-destruction phase of their cycles. Still, there are a handful of pests that make their presence in the fall, so it’s important to be on the lookout. As with all types …

How to Control Aphids in Your Garden

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Aphids can definitely mean trouble for garden, even though they are small and rather innocent looking upon first glance. These tiny pests are pear shaped and about 1/16 to ⅜ of an inch long. Aphids have long antennae, and some have wings. They can be a variety of colors, such as green, pink, yellow, black or gray. The nymphs look …