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Get a Tree Inventory for Better Tree Health

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  Do you know the health of your trees? Trees are an essential part of your landscape, providing beauty, shade, greenery, and privacy. But like most people, you are probably unable to name more than a few species of trees. And like most people, you probably don’t know if your trees are healthy. If you can’t identify your trees or …

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Mosquito Control And Your Yard: What Works

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Mosquitoes and other pests can be a painful nuisance at the best of times, and a serious health issue at the worst of times (i.e. West Nile Virus). Either way, mosquito control requires proper care and attention for your yard, trees, and life in general. Here are some practical tips about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to …

A Closer Look At Our Tree Care Services

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As the leading arborist, tree trimming, and general tree company within Fairfax and Loudon County and the surrounding areas, it’s no coincidence that we have been accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association and are recommended by Angie’s List members for our many services that include tree cutting, stump removal, tree fungus treatment, and even emergency tree removal. Since 1976 …

The Battle Between Trees and Grass

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Grass and trees are fierce competitors for oxygen, nutrients, water and sunlight.  That’s why you seldom see nice healthy trees and grass in close proximity to each other.  Usually one or the other will be dominate. In the urban environment, sod is often placed over the root system of a tree and it generally has the advantage obtaining nutrients and …