Superior Tree Services in Virginia

Do you know the health of your trees?

Trees are an essential part of your landscape, providing beauty, shade, greenery, and privacy. But like most people, you are probably unable to name more than a few species of trees. And like most people, you probably don’t know if your trees are healthy. If you can’t identify your trees or know if they are being attacked by pests, fungus, or disease, you need to call a certified arborist to get a tree inventory for better tree health.

How a Certified Arborist can help

A certified arborist from Growing Earth Tree Care can conduct a tree inventory to help you identify the number and type of trees on your property. A certified arborist can also analyze the state of your trees’ health and identify problems such as diseases or pests. With this information, a certified arborist can plan for any future tree care and maintenance. Tree inventories can also minimize your liability and costs by dealing with tree health issues before they spread to other trees, becoming problems for you and your neighbors.

What does a tree inventory involve?

After scheduling your appointment, a Growing Earth Certified Arborist will walk your property, digitally recording¬† the number and species of your trees, their age, structural conditions, and overall health. The tree inventory will contain a digital map of the trees on your property and color pictures to track tree changes over time. As a homeowner or Homeowner’s Association, you will receive a three-year tree maintenance plan to help you budget for any future work. An added benefit: annual tree inspections are included in the tree inventory. To schedule your tree inventory, contact Growing Earth Tree Care.