1. Mosquito Control And Your Yard: What Works

    Mosquitoes and other pests can be a painful nuisance at the best of times, and a serious health issue at the worst of times (i.e. West Nile Virus). Either way, mosquito control requires proper care and attention for your yard, trees, and life in general. Here are some practical tips about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to mosquito prevention and other pest control solutions in the Lou…Read More

  2. Emergency Tree Removal | Who Ya Gonna Call?

    At Growing Earth Tree Care, we consider ourselves to be something of a renaissance tree care company, with services that range from tree pruning, pest control, tree trimming, soil and root care, all the way to emergency tree removal. If you live in Northern Virginia and are in need of a tree care company that knows the region and the community, look no further than Growing Earth Tree Care. We are …Read More

  3. Getting Ready For Summer: FAQs Answered | Tree Care In Virginia

    If you find yourself in Northern Virginia or areas like Springfield, Vienna, Reston, McLean, Great Falls, Loudoun, Falls Church, Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, or Ashburn, we want to tell you about our award-winning tree care company, Growing Earth Tree Care. We’ve been part of the North Virginia community, being experienced and knowledgeable tree care specialists, for over forty years now. We …Read More

  4. What Does A Tree Surgeon Do?

    If you’re sick, you go see your primary care physician in Ashburn. If you realize that you’re suffering from an internal injury or illness, you book an appointment with a surgeon who has the skills necessary to help you get better. People aren’t the only ones who can get sick and need a doctor, of course. We take our pets to see veterinarians when they’re in need of professional care, and …Read More

  5. An Introduction To Tree Diseases And Damaging Insects In Virginia

    Trees, shrubs, and other plant life are the tools that homeowners use to make sure their yard has a different personality than the ones on either side of it. No one wants to have a cookie-cutter yard just like no one wants to live in a cookie-cutter house. As a place where you spend a good portion of your life, it’s likely that you want your yard to reflect the uniqueness of your family and the …Read More

  6. Preventing and Repairing Deer Damaged Trees

    Do you remember Bambi? For most, this charming animation will forever be an adorable representation of deer. However, when a herd of deer flock into your garden bed at night and you discover the next morning they have eaten your flowers and destroyed your newly planted trees, you might think differently. Why do deer rub their antlers? For some, the damage caused by deer can be a frustrating experi…Read More

  7. How To Properly Prune Trees

    Just like your routine hair cuts, tree trimming is a natural and vital part of promoting a healthy, growing tree. However, a tree is a living organism, unlike your hair, and improper tree pruning can cause damage to your tree. The most important thing to keep in mind when pruning your trees is that pruning will affect the structure, health, and vigor of your tree. These consequences can be both ne…Read More