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Get a Tree Inventory for Better Tree Health

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  Do you know the health of your trees? Trees are an essential part of your landscape, providing beauty, shade, greenery, and privacy. But like most people, you are probably unable to name more than a few species of trees. And like most people, you probably don’t know if your trees are healthy. If you can’t identify your trees or …

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Why Everyone Should Plant Trees In Their Yard, Part 2

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As a tree service company, we have been serving the Northern Virginia and Maryland community for over fifty years. Growing Earth Tree Care has been recognized over the years for our exceptional tree preservation services for both commercial and residential clients. As evidence of our quality, roughly 60 percent of our employees are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. …

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Essential Tips For Pruning A Tree Without Killing It

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Trees are very beautiful and provide the citizens of Ashburn with several invaluable services. These include creating much needed shade during the muggy Virginia summer, absorbing carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses from the air while simultaneously releasing oxygen, and creating an ecosystem that provides habitat and food for birds and other animals. Once established, trees need very little …

Preventing and Repairing Deer Damaged Trees

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Do you remember Bambi? For most, this charming animation will forever be an adorable representation of deer. However, when a herd of deer flock into your garden bed at night and you discover the next morning they have eaten your flowers and destroyed your newly planted trees, you might think differently. Why do deer rub their antlers? For some, the …

How To Properly Prune Trees

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Just like your routine hair cuts, tree trimming is a natural and vital part of promoting a healthy, growing tree. However, a tree is a living organism, unlike your hair, and improper tree pruning can cause damage to your tree. The most important thing to keep in mind when pruning your trees is that pruning will affect the structure, health, …