Superior Tree Services in Virginia

Plant it right from the start!

You can avoid a lot of tree problems down the road by simply selecting the right tree and then planting it correctly.  The landscape is full of trees that were doomed from the start because of either poor selection or poor planting techniques.  Trees can be expensive to buy and even more expensive to deal with unnecessary future health issues. First things first.  Start out by selecting the right tree for the location.  Take into consideration sunlight, moisture and soil conditions.  Is there enough room for the mature size of the trunk and canopy, as well as the root system? Next, plant it using proven techniques to give it a head start in it’s new environment.  Remove wire baskets, burlap and other inhibitors to root growth.  Do not add soil amendments.  Smaller trees will adapt and thrive much better in their new environment that larger trees.  They also are easier to plant and cost a lot less.