Superior Tree Services in Virginia
17940814_s-640x240 Tree pruning is both an art and a science.  Since every tree is different, how a particular tree is pruned will depend upon the overall objectives, along with the knowledge or experience of the arborist doing the pruning.  A properly pruned tree will look natural.  It may be hard to discern that it has been pruned.  Whereas an improperly pruned tree often seems unnatural and sometimes has that “butchered” look. There should always be a compelling reason for each branch that is removed and it should conform to the overall objectives for the overall pruning job.  Tree pruning may be done to achieve any or all of the following objectives:
  • Removal of dead wood.
  • Clearance from buildings, lights, walkways, roads, etc.
  • Removal of problem branches: crossing and rubbing; diseased, dying and weakly attached.
  • Crown thinning to allow more interior air movement and light penetration
  • Removal of lower branches to enable walking or driving under.
  • Opening up scenic vistas or visibility to buildings (usually done on commercial property).