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5 Reasons We Don’t Top Trees

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To control canopy growth and stop roots from causing havoc in their yards, homeowners have been topping their trees. Some people are under the false impression that topping trees makes them safer. In reality, topping creates structural problems that will weaken a tree over time. Here are 5 reasons why Growing Earth Tree Care will not top your trees. Stops …

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Keep Cool This Summer with Trees

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Keep Cool under Trees Who hasn’t sought the cooling shelter of a shade tree on a hot summer day? At my son’s soccer games, whenever there’s a shady tree on the sidelines, parents and other fans find valuable relief and protection from the sweltering heat under its broad branches. Lower your Energy Costs In addition to shade, trees have an …

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Why do you need to have a tree inventory of your property? Consider these benefits that will save you time and money in the long-term. 1. Reduced liability: Knowing the health and structural condition of the trees on a property helps to identify problem trees. Recommendations are included with the inventory that will help reduce owner liability and bring awareness …

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How To Get Your Trees Ready For Winter

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We are quickly headed toward the holidays which means that winter weather will soon be winging its way toward us here in the Ashburn area. While Virginia tends to enjoy relatively mild winters in comparison with some parts of the country, many experts are predicting that this year will be even more full of precipitation than usual! As your tree …

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Growing Earth Tree Care

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Having been established in 1976, Growing Earth Tree Care hasn’t remained in business for over forty years by taking shortcuts. Formed by former Fairfax County Arborist Benjamin White, Ben had a passion for providing quality tree maintenance services to Ashburn, VA, and the surrounding regions.  Our current owners worked and learned about tree pruning, tree care, and even tree and …

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Essential Tips For Pruning A Tree Without Killing It

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Trees are very beautiful and provide the citizens of Ashburn with several invaluable services. These include creating much needed shade during the muggy Virginia summer, absorbing carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses from the air while simultaneously releasing oxygen, and creating an ecosystem that provides habitat and food for birds and other animals. Once established, trees need very little …

How To Properly Plant A Tree

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The change of season can be hard on your tree. Weather extremes like especially hot summers and cold winters can impact the overall health, nutrient absorption, and aesthetic look of your tree. From heavy limbs, winter droughts, and freezing roots, winter can bring an onslaught of worries for your tree’s health and ability to thrive through the extreme temperature drops. …

Fall Care For Your Trees

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Imagine a tree standing boldly, its impressive height reaching into the vast distance of the blue sky. You can even see the rays of sunlight peeking through each branch, each leaf. I’m sure the picture in your head is magnificent. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality of a tree’s life. While we know our trees are happiest in the warmth and …

Accredited Tree Care in Virginia

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Growing Earth Tree Care is a full-service tree care company dedicated to providing the best in tree care at your home and your business. Our local tree care experts and certified arborists have provided the best in local tree care services since 1976. What’s the difference between our tree service company and others? At Growing Earth Tree Care, we are …