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How To Properly Plant A Tree

The change of season can be hard on your tree. Weather extremes like especially hot summers and cold winters can impact the overall health, nutrient absorption, and aesthetic look of your tree. From heavy limbs, winter droughts, and freezing roots, winter can bring an onslaught of worries for your tree’s health and ability to thrive through the extreme temperature drops. While it is crucial to keep your tree’s roots safe from freezing, being sure to plant your new trees at the right time can make the difference come spring. A lot of the concerns of winter problems can be minimized by knowing how and when to properly plant your new trees.dreamstime_xxl_23987790-1 How To Make A Timely Planting During a tree’s life cycle, fall is the time to shed old leaves and rest so it can sprout fresh leaves in spring. While fall is often thought of as a time of change or even death, it happens to the opportune time of year to plant your new trees. While it is essential to keep your tree’s roots system from freezing during the process, the cooler temperatures stimulate the right growth. Fall will also reduce the risk of sun scorching and unnecessary heat stress on your baby tree. Once your tree’s roots are safely planted into the cool soil in fall, this environment lets your newly planted tree build root mass and slip into a calm winter dormancy. When it does intermittently heat up in between snow fall, be sure to water your new trees so it will retain moisture. When spring does come, your tree will be wake up and be ready to properly absorb light and soil nutrients. Our tree care company is dedicated to bringing you the best advice concerning your overall tree maintenance and service needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact our tree care experts with your tree concerns.