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Fall Tree Care Tips From Growing Earth Tree Care

Today’s post is dedicated to discussing autumn tree care tips. As a tree care provider to residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Virginia for over 40 years, we want to set our clients and prospective customers up for success in any way we can. If you are looking for information about where and how to plant trees, how to care for mature trees in particular, and a host of other useful topics, be sure to check out our history of posts here.

Tree Care Tips For Autumn

With the weather already cooling down a bit, fall is right around the corner. For new homeowners who have new yards and therefore new trees, this might be the first time you’ve considered tree care in reference to the changing season. Is pruning appropriate? If so, how much? What tools do you need to perform basic tree maintenance? When should you call in professionals for tree service? We will do our best to effectively answer these kinds of questions.


Between summer’s heat and winter’s chill, trees tend to lose plenty of nutrients. Like most living things, trees need to prepare for the cold of winter and the lack of vital nutrients they will receive. In order to help them out with this process, consider laying down a slow-release, organic fertilizer over the root zone of your trees. This will help your trees continue to be healthy over the winter, in addition to helping the trees resist diseases, inclement weather, and pests


Seasonal Pruning

Winter pruning is common practice because it is the best time of year to prune as most trees are in dormancy. They are not using a significant amount of energy for growing purposes and can direct energy into closing wounds.  Additionally, the branch structure of the tree is easy to observe with the leaves gone.

Mulch And Water

It’s not a bad idea to give a little extra water to your trees before they go fully dormant. Do this before the soil freezes. Likewise, insulating the root zone of your tree (keeping it off the trunk flair) with a bit of mulch can also promote health for the tree. A good rule of thumb here is to lightly place the mulch about two to three inches deep. Think of it as a nutritious blanket for your tree!

Consider Growing Earth Tree Care

For more specific questions, contact your local tree doctors at Growing Earth Tree Care. Our tree services include tree removal, tree pruning, pest control, soil and root care, and more. If you are interested in getting a free estimate for tree care services, reach out to us today. We would love to hear from you and help make your yard as healthy as possible!