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Fall Care For Your Trees

Imagine a tree standing boldly, its impressive height reaching into the vast distance of the blue sky. You can even see the rays of sunlight peeking through each branch, each leaf. I’m sure the picture in your head is magnificent. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality of a tree’s life. While we know our trees are happiest in the warmth and light of summer, the weather must turn. So, our arborists at Growing Earth Tree Care are here to help you and your tdreamstime_xxl_14598219rees thrive through the cold and dangers of the upcoming months.
  • Mulch– Sprinkling mulch around your trees will act as blanket. If placed at the base of your trees, the mulch will help your trees retain water and regulate the soil temperature around the roots.
  • Water– While you might think with all of the snow, frost, and ice that winter brings, this is unfortunately not enough moisture to keep your trees hydrated through winter. Winter droughts are a major concern for your trees, so it is important to water your trees through the intermittent breaks in temperature. Be sure not to water your trees when it is too cold.
  • Protection– There are many things that could break tree limbs or cause branch sagging during winter. Watch out for heavy snow build up, be aware of where your trees are and while shoveling and plowing, and prevent any other harm that might come to your trees.
  • Pruning– Fall is the best time to prune your tree branches. Much like getting routine haircuts, keeping your trees limbs trimmed will help maintain vital growth and health while they grow. This will also help minimize the possibility of snow build up.
  • Planting– While it is crucial to keep your tree’s roots safe from freezing now, planting your trees in fall will offer the protection they need through winter and until the warmth of spring. This is the easiest way to stimulate optimal tree growth.
Our arborist at Growing Earth Tree Care are always available to answer your fall tree care concerns. Please contact us today and book for our fall tree care services!